About Magniv

What exactly is MAGNIV?

MAGNIV specialises in making memories! At any event the MAGNIV team will take live photos and print these straight onto magnets so guests can take home their memory from your event. MAGNIV also offer a magnetic printing service and can make customised save-the-dates, invitations as well as photo printing.

How much do MAGNIV charge?

We offer highly competitive rates and for a personalised quote, please get in touch here. We’ll need to know the date, time and location of your event, as well as a rough estimate of how many guests you expect.

What cities do we operate in?

MAGNIV operate in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and Leeds. If we don’t have a team in your area get in touch, we can usually come to you.

Will the photos taken at my event be viewable after the event?

The photos will be uploaded onto a secure online drive where they will be viewable after the event. Additionally, digital copies can be put on a hard disc for a fixed price and we can provide post-event prints at a special rate. Get in touch to find out more.

Will I be able to see my invitation design?

Of course! We will send you a sample before we print the rest of the copies.

If you’re using our in-house design team, we can make as many edits and changes as you like. It’s personal, after all.

I run a charity, youth group, community group or similar. Can MAGNIV provide a discount?

MAGNIV believe in giving back to the community and will strive to do anything we can to support charities and other communal groups. Whilst we can’t provide the MAGNIV service for free, we do have a specialised pricing system for charities that work with most budgets.

How much space in my event hall does MAGNIV take up?

The beauty of MAGNIV is it takes up very little space. The photographer walks around the event hall, and there is a small magnetic board on a stand which can go in any corner or at the side.

Our producer should go in a separate room, such as a back room or reception area (once the guests have moved to the main hall). We’ll bring extension cables so just require one plug, a normal sized table and a chair.

Are there any Terms and Conditions?

Unfortunately, there have to be some. Don’t worry though, we don’t have a long small-print for you to study like the bible.

Please do not make assumptions based on the website, social media or what you’ve seen in the past. If there are any questions, or you have any doubts – no matter how small – please ask your MAGNIV correspondent. You can also speak to a member of our executive team by dialing 0113 323 1655.

I'm a photographer. Can I work with MAGNIV?

MAGNIV are happy to work with established photographers. Please email hello@magniv.co.uk to find out more information about how it works.

I've never seen MAGNIV before and whilst it sounds like a good idea, isn't it safer to go with a photobooth?

MAGNIV provide a service that is fairly unique in the UK but very common internationally! The concept is tried and tested; you can rest assured that we will deliver.

Can I get a discount for block bookings?

If you’re planning two events within 6 months of each other and would like to book the MAGNIV event magnet service for both, we can offer a 10% discount on both events.

When you book for the second event, a 10% discount will be applied and 10% of the price paid for your first event will then be deducted from the quote for the second.

MAGNIV cannot guarantee that there will not be a change in price between the two events. To lock a price in, you should pay a 50% non-refundable deposit as soon as you have confirmed your event.

Can you set up a photo-booth style area for the kids?

Sure! It’s not a usual part of our service but we’re happy to provide this upon request – we’ve heard it before.

For a supplementary fee, we can also provide costume items to take the pictures with.

Do you charge my guests for the magnets?

Of course not! Magnets are included in the price paid for the event. You also keep any uncollected magnets.


We can edit the service slightly and charge at charity events upon special request.